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Our Core Strength is in delivering software solutions and services designed for you.

We specialise and have developed a sophisticated digital software platform to transform business by seamlessly integrating data and adding workflow automation to help your business activities. Some call us an iPaaS platform (Integrated Platform as a Service) that not only takes your data and compiles the way you want it but also processes it to meet your needs. This saves time, money, and increasing efficiencies and provides connectivity to the workforce back to business activities. We do this as well as delivering a range of leading software products across discrete sectors we know.

Core Software

Technology is changing the way we do business and the way we purchase and interact with products and services as consumers.

We now have newspapers delivered to an app, not an address. We don’t print photos we share them, we don’t hire movies we download them, we don’t grab a phone book we grab a phone and Facebook, and if we want encyclopedia knowledge we ‘Google’ it.

Disruption is inevitable. While we may not know the time or scale of it, we can be assured no industry is immune from it. Your time is coming. You can’t afford to do business as usual or continue to rely on products and programs that fit you into their box and keep you ordinary.

At Werkflo, we believe business is agile and ever changing. We help businesses like you who don’t fit the mould or no longer want to, adopt and adapt to new ways of thinking and operating using customised, process-driven, people-centric technology. We like to be agile. 

Improve, streamline and disrupt with one powerful platform

Forget switching between programs or jumping between mobile apps, the Werkflo technology platform gives you full access to all areas of your business in one powerful platform. With company-wide visibility you can easily monitor business performance, measure staff efficiency, manage your customers and magnify your impact from anywhere at any time.

Innovative Mobility

Access the right information at the right time, in the right place, at your desk, or in the field through the WerkfloPlatform to connect through the cloud or through a mobile app.

Technology Platform

Get on line with a proven efficient and intelligent technology platform designed to reduce implementation and for integrating all aspects of your business needs; ready to handle growth in capacity.

Smart Business Modules

Lower costs,reduce errors, and improve performance with using our product lines from the Werkflo Platform.

Intelligent Processes

Lower costs, increase productivity, and improve performance with efficient and intelligent processes based on your unique business structure, all working through the Werkflo Platform.


Integrated Web Strategy

Engage with your customers seamlessly through a website back to the business through our Werkflo Platform.

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