Mirjus is an integration software solution that connects and integrates your data to automate your workflows in your business.

Mirjus ensures that you can integrate with our platform products. 

Integrations for your company

Our user-friendly guides and flexible user management, and Integration Apps assist with your data integration from dedicated technical resources team.

Pre-built, complete, and ready to launch

Our software and Integration Apps come ready to deploy with every flow you need. 

Multiple integrations

Our system allows for various ad hoc data imports into our products.

Cloud connections to Microsoft Office Suite

Cloud connection to Microsoft 365 or outlook when you use our CRM called Chatabox.   

Cloud Based

With user-friendly guides and flexible user management, anyone can use and maintain Integration Apps without requiring dedicated technical resources.

Multi-two-way use

Integrations with multiple imports or exports to our platform.

Data management

A single ecosystem that migrates, consolidates, and rationalizes data in a speedy manner to eliminate costly delays. 

Error reporting

A detailed error messaging of the error caused or the failed execution of an integration process.

Mirjus Pricing

Pricing for Mirjus is based on time and cost for implementation of your data onto our software for your chosen product option(s).

We will agree this pricing with you from the outset along with any additional changes that are sought by you.   

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