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Whether you seek to use our platform for one or more of our software products or looking for a customised solution we can help.

How we can help you

Save time and costs

Often telecommunications companies are large organizations relying on the abilities of thousands of employees across departments, and their processes may not be as efficient as they could be, so we want to help, with:
• Breaking down information silos
• Reduce time delays
• Realignment of tasks and resources
• Reduce engagement on mundane tasks
• Increasing productivity
• Costs reduction to bottom line.

Drive real time outcomes

Our automation software aims to boost the efficiency of organizational processes allowing your organisation to gain real-time information. When you can automatically stop carry out repetitive tasks and free up your employees from low level work lot happens to your decision making - you become agile and respond.
Workflow automation in real time gives:
• Centralisation of processes
• Data-driven decision-making
• Enables better customer experiences

Features for you

Centralised Workflows

We can help centralise all workflows and data through one platform in real-time to create a single source of truth as you scale.

Customise Your Needs

We can customise fields and tasks based on your chosen option. Some you can also do for yourself.

Adapt to change quickly

Keep all your data and projects in one place, so you can always respond quickly. Never again lose data in old spreadsheets.

Document Management System

Have a single repository for your documents and collaborate on documents including check-in and check-out version controls. 


Standard and customizable dashboards based on your chosen product option that shows relevant information, such as recent sales, opportunities, or task charts. This way you can drill down to find specific user activities.

Eliminate Errors

Make repetitive tasks and compliance work for you with automated workflows and mandatory fields that eliminate human errors which increases productivity.

Drag and drop

Instantly drag and drop a document and link it to a contact, company, category or shared project entity and it will be automatically archived – making files quickly and easily retrievable. 

 File Notes

Get a complete notes management solution. Track all personal and shared notes. Each note will include a time stamp and digital signature. Users can create a new note or append to an existing note.

Project Management

Create, share and manage projects as you need. Build workflows, store and track related documents, emails, notes, and other activities.

Use data in real time 

You can monitor your businesses performance through dashboards, project plans and reports. Track workflows, KPI’s, projects, time, costs and more.


Build templates in Microsoft Word and save them in our product solutions. Once created, you can automatically populate those fields in your template.

Save time & Cost

When you collapse activities and workflows into a centralised platform solution you reduce time on mundane or repetitive tasks, cut error rates, highlight and collapse direct and indirect costs.


Grab pre-built reports spanning information on Chatabox. This way users can also create custom features on their reports. 

Customised workflow & automation solutions

We can automate and talk to different systems that will enhance your business and management systems. We do this based on time and cost. 

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